About Us

The Modern Medic is a product of TacMed Australia Pty Ltd. TacMed was Founded in 2010 to provide the highest standard of emergency medical training and equipment

JEREMY- Managing Director

Jeremy served as a Medic in the Australian Regular Army for 7 years. Qualified as an Underwater Medicine Clinician, Jeremy served within Special Operations Command for 4 years, which included a deployment to Afghanistan as a platoon medic. Upon returning from overseas, Jeremy served in the ADF’s domestic Counter Terrorism team, Tactical Assault Group- East, for 12 months until discharging to become a civilian Intensive Care Paramedic in NSW. Jeremy remained a reservist for a number of years with 1st Commando Regt where he played an integral part in developing medical pre-deployment training for SOCOMD. Jeremy founded TacMed in 2010 to equip those people who put their lives at risk for others.


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