The Modern Medic

Do you get bored reading textbooks? Headbutt the keyboard watching compulsory work eLearning packages?

Stress no more! The Modern Medic is here to help fill your brain with knowledge (and keep you entertained while we're at it!).

The Modern Medic is a membership site run by medics, for medics. With content being released regularly, there will something for all levels of medics. From Advanced First Aid up to Paramedic we got you covered.

Our passion at TacMed (developers of The Modern Medic) is Trauma in complex environments. So most of the content in The Modern Medic is based on advancements and current best practices in treating trauma patients in the pre-hospital, military and tactical environments.

Our presentations, articles and videos are all produced by experienced Paramedics, Military Medics, Doctors and Nurses. We have a great mixture of our regular contributors and guests to keep things interesting!


What do I get for my hard-earned cash?

  • Instant access to an amazing online resource that you can access on almost any device with internet.
  • Online presentations released regularly.
  • New content includes presentations, articles, interviews, videos, live webinars and downloads.
  • Access to an exclusive Facebook Group of like-minded medics.

Who should join The Modern Medic:

  • EMTs/Paramedics
  • Ambulance Officers
  • Military Medics
  • Police & Tactical Medics
  • First Responders/Firefighters

Who SHOULDN'T join:

  • Medics who know it all....
  • Medics who don't want to "think outside the box"
  • People who don't like to learn in a relaxed adult education environment

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